Today I actually managed to get some work done!

  • The second two chapters scanned  (good quality this time)
  • Got some more translating done
  • Scantillated 8 pages (give or take a few panels)  so that you guys can check out the manga i’m tryna push


You can see the sample  pages here Photobucket Linkage

Random Raw Of The Week

random raw from chapter 2



We need translators, cleaners and redrawers! We’ll be scanlating, Yowamushi Pedal (弱虫ペダル)a story about a lonely otaku kid who ends up joining his school’s bike racing team. I scanned the first chapter and as soon as I figure out how, I’ll putt it the raw up on MH or failing that, ST.


If you’re interested in joining the group for this project email us at


Current Members

Itsutsu Kami & Mr. Yoo